About Me

We are all one. Love and Light is inside all of us.

My designs give impression to the both of them.

The fire in a gem has always fascinated me, its ability to

shine its Light, sparkle without any precedent.

Every creation comes to life in the hands of artisans in

Antwerp, crafted with Love, dedication and respect when

using pure materials and exceptional gems.

Durability, elegance and symmetry guarantee one of a kind,

timeless and luxurious pieces.

When you wear a piece of jewelry created by DJAFRA

GEMS, you will feel the love inside of it that will bring a

smile on your face and accentuate your happiness, allowing

you to shine your Light.

Lots of Love



Volhardingstraat 112a                                               Email:          info@djafragems.com

2020 Antwerp

Belgium                                                                       Phone:        +32 (0) 475 59 31 01

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